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Coaching on-air talent for TV stations and websites that do video is the core business of Terry Anzur Coaching Services. We are determined to provide you with the highest quality coaching at the lowest possible price.

I’ve been anchoring, reporting and hosting on television since 1978 and over the years I’ve been coached many times by all of the big companies. Most of these sessions seemed like a waste of time. Most coaches lacked any significant on-air or teaching experience and offered only generic recommendations that could apply to anyone in any market.

I started this company to offer something better. At Terry Anzur Coaching Services there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Here’s how we’ll develop your custom coaching package:

Terry Anzur Talent Coaching• Listening.
My first and most important job is to listen to your concerns and your goals for your product and your people.

• Viewing.
I will take the time to screen your air checks, reporter packages and weather segments to assess strengths and target areas for improvement.

• Curriculum.
I’ll work with you to develop a coaching visit schedule that fits with your work flow and a custom lesson plan for each person or team to be coached.

• Feedback.
Each person coached will receive a personalized list of key lesson points and management will receive a master report.

• Keeping expenses low.
Reserving your coaching dates in advance allows me to prepay airfare and hotel, keeping costs to a minimum. Reserve early for the busy times in March-April and September-October.Terry Anzur Talent Coaching

• Multiple platforms.
I coach talent for multimedia. That means everything from giant HD screens to hand-held mobile devices.

• Confidentiality.
The last thing you want is the local TV critic or gossip columnist writing that the talent coach has come to town. My services are completely confidential. That’s why I don’t post a client list on my website.

Talent coaching is an investment in the face of your TV station or web site. We coach anchors, reporters, program hosts, traffic, weather and sports. We can help your new hires, MMJs, VJs or one-man-bands improve their presentation skills. We can motivate veterans who are “mailing it in.” We even have a curriculum for station managers who do editorials.

Contact me to get started.