Terry was the lead consultant for the Maldives Media Training Project in 2008. Under contract to the Ministry of Legal Reform, Information and Arts, trainers from Terry Anzur Coaching Services were embedded in the newsrooms of state-run TV Maldives and Voice of Maldives with the goal of preparing journalists to cover the first democratic, multi-party presidential election in a 100% Islamic country. The program was expanded to include TVM programming, with the launch of an interview show modeled after “Meet the Press” and an afternoon version of breakfast television entitled “Good Afternoon Maldives.” The consulting team helped to organize the country’s first televised presidential campaign debate and a “Vote to Decide, Decide to Vote” education campaign. Terry also wrote a booklet for Maldivian journalists on news coverage of emergencies and disasters, which was being translated into Dhivehi.

As a winner in the British Airways Face of Opportunity competition, Terry returned to Maldives in 2009 and taught a workshop on post-conflict storytelling at the American Center in Sri Lanka, sponsored by the US State Department. In 2010 she returned to Male as a Fulbright specialist for a project entitled “Strengthening Civil Society in Maldives through Journalism and Public Relations.” She worked with government ministers, law enforcement and defense organizations, public relations practitioners and broadcast journalists, including the first class of college journalism students. She also taught a multimedia news management seminar for Sri Lankan journalists in Colombo and even appeared as a guest news anchor on Sri Lanka’s MTV. She spoke on the importance of press freedom and media reform to a delegation of Afghan women lawyers visiting California.

Terry continues to pursue an interest in the emerging democracies of Central and Eastern Europe, which began when she covered the Solidarity labor movement and martial law in Poland in the 1980s. She is a member of the Society for Slovene Studies and the European Journalism Centre online community.