Why You Need Talent Coaching in 2020 for TV News and Streaming Video

Why talent coaching can improve your presentation of TV News and Online Video in 2020.

No one wants “fake news.” Your viewers demand storytelling that is authentic and real.

Talent coaching can help by:

  • Minimizing distractions from your journalism. We address appearance issues with a simple set of guidelines that can be followed by all news presenters, regardless of gender, background, age or level of experience. If people are talking about a reporter’s distracting outfit or hairstyle, they’re not focused on the story.
  • Removing the stumbling blocks at the anchor desk and in the field. Clear, concise writing is the foundation of effective on-air performance.
  • Improving Voice Quality and Delivery. In the visual medium of TV, journalists may have neglected to fully develop their vocal skills. Our lessons are customized to the needs of the individual. Someone with a nasal or high-pitched voice may need to improve their breathing. Others need to eliminate a “just reading” or a “yelling” sound by delivering the story in a way that invites the viewer to pay attention, as if they were explaining it to a friend over a cup of coffee.
  • Strengthening Body Language and Movement. TV stations and websites that do video are investing in hi-tech sets with magic walls and interactive screens. Is your talent ready to do more than just read the prompter? Be ready to engage the audience both in the studio and in the field. Embracing new technology on all platforms takes talent performance to a higher level.
  • Investing in Your People: The number one complaint I hear from on-air talent is: “I never get any feedback.” Reward your hardest working, multitasking team members with coaching that is intended to make them the stars in YOUR market. Unlike other consulting firms, we don’t represent talent or place people in other markets.

It’s easy to get started. Just send me a message requesting a custom coaching package for your station or website. Together we’ll design a program that meeds your needs and budget. Our mission at Terry Anzur Coaching Services is to deliver the highest quality coaching at the lowest possible price. A two- or three-day coaching visit can be transformative for your entire team. And it’s more affordable than you think. With 2020 shaping up as a very busy news cycle, can you afford NOT to be your best?